Stream 1 (Adult Group Therapy & Education)

This is a full time, rolling, open group, in which participants engage in a therapeutic mix of daily Group Therapy, Art Therapy, Drama and Mental Health Workshops. This group is most successful for people experiencing clearly identifiable psycho-social stressors for whom a more exploratory and solution focused approach is considered helpful.

Stream 2 (Mental Health Education & Assessment)

This is also a full time, rolling, open group with similar content to that of Stream 1, but with emphasis on monitoring and stabilization of mental state as well as assessment. There is a strong emphasis on mental health education and health promotion in this programme. For people for whom diagnosis is unclear, Stream 2 is considered helpful in assessing overall mental health.

Stream 5 (Medication Supervision)

This process is facilitated by nursing staff and the centre and it provides the opportunity to continually monitor the overall wellbeing of the service user/patient. Stream 5 can also include Clozapine Initiation.