Self Esteem Programme

Group Type: Educational Workshop (Closed)

Length: 8 Weeks

Session Frequency: 1 per week

Time: Weekdays 2:15 – 4:00

The Self-Esteem Programme is a periodic closed group held one afternoon a week for 8 weeks. This group aims to provide the opportunity to explore / implement positive strategies and coping skills to increase self-esteem in a safe, supportive environment and utilizes a mental health education and cognitive behavioural informed approach.

This programme assists people in understanding low self-esteem and with this knowledge enables them to break out of the vicious circle of negative self-image, learn the art of self-acceptance and alter their lives for the better. The programme explains the nature of low self-esteem and self destructive thinking. In the past, we have found this to be a useful intervention for people planning to begin other therapies in the Cluain Mhuire Community Mental Health Service. The group is generally positive in nature and the group support can be very affirming for the person with low self-confidence.

Workshop Content (*subject to change):

  • Origins of self-esteem
  • Low self-esteem maintenance
  • Understanding positive traits
  • Negative self-evaluations
  • Self-esteem and Core beliefs
  • Rules & assumptions
  • Biased expectations
  • Healthy self-esteem