Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of Psychotherapy which gives participants an opportunity to use art materials as a means of self-exploration and expression.

Art therapy can provide a fresh way of looking at our concerns and give us a realisation that there are more ways of perceiving ourselves and our lives than just those that are familiar to us. We employ a variety of approaches in this work depending on the needs of those attending. In the art therapy sessions we give attention to how we think, what we tell ourselves about ourselves, our feelings, and our history, how we came to think and feel the way we do and how this affects our lives. The more awareness we have the more choice we have in how we deal with issues as they arise.


It is not necessary to have art skills to take part. The thoughts, feelings, memories and meanings that are brought to mind in the process are of much greater significance than the appearance of the picture or object. To put it simply “You cants get it wrong”. Use of the art materials is optional, not obligatory. Sometimes it is more appropriate for the participants to sit and talk, and sometimes just to sit and breath. We work with the person’s experience, whatever that is.