About the Centre for Living

The Centre for Living is a mental health acute day hospital, part of the Cluain Mhuire Community Mental Health Service which is funded by the Health Service Executive. We assess and provide treatment to people experiencing mental health difficulties that exceed the capacity of primary care services. The Centre for Living receives referrals from the Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) of the Cluain Mhuire Community Mental Health Service. Service users attend from their own home and in some instances from Saint John of God Hospital as part of their preparation for discharge. The Centre for Living provides a safe recovery environment for those experiencing mental health difficulties through the use of brief group therapies. The team at the Centre for Living aim to deliver a holistic programme of structure and therapeutic intervention for those in need of support. The centre operates Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm, Friday 9am – 4pm.

Cluain Mhuire

The Cluain Mhuire Service is a community based adult mental health service serving a population of over 176,000 in the Dublin South East area. The service seeks to accomplish its mission by providing the following services: Acute Care and Treatment; Outpatient Clinics; In Patient Care at St John of God Hospital, Recovery Programmes and Vocational Training; Residential Rehabilitation Service; Liaison Psychiatry Service; Membership Clubs; Home based interventions and a variety of targeted therapies. Cluain Mhuire is the lead agency providing an Early Intervention Service for Psychosis [DETECT] in the East Coast Section of HSE Mid Leinster.

Our Mission Statement

The Cluain Mhuire Community Mental Health Service honours the dignity of all persons and we show this by our actions toward one another and those we serve. We embrace the diversity that allows us to draw on the talents of one another in accordance with the highest professional standards and research based best practice. We respect and honour the cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs and practices of our clients in a manner consistent with the highest standards of hospitality. All this is done in a compassionate setting. Our goal is to create a healing environment in partnership with all care-givers who are committed to excellence in serving our clients in the manner of Saint John of God.

Saint John of God

The Centre for Living is based on the premise that people may at any time have problems, coping with life’s trials and tribulations, which may result in mental health difficulties. The centre will provide a healing milieu, which aims to assist people overcome their difficulties, within a supportive community setting. The Centre for Living provides a wide variety of therapies to help people with difficulties using the example and values of our founder Saint John of God in a professional and holistic manner.